About Us

Yarladyz Cosmetics was introduced in June 2022. We proudly represent an African beauty brand founded by passionate individuals from Gambia with extensive experience in the beauty industry. Our brand was born out of a deep-seated commitment to women and a desire to foster a sense of community, trust, and consistency among our valued customers.

The driving force behind our brand was the pressing need for greater diversity, particularly for women of colour in the beauty industry, with a specific focus on African women. We firmly believe that all women should feel confident, knowing that the beauty industry caters to their unique needs and celebrates their skin tones and undertones.

Gambia has historically relied on other African countries like Nigeria and Ghana for makeup products, but we are determined to change that by consistently delivering affordable, top-notch products to the people of Gambia.

As we are currently the only makeup brand in the country, our challenge is building trust with the Gambians that can bring even better-quality products as other African brands.

At Yarladyz Cosmetics, we’re not just a makeup brand; we are also educators. Our primary goal is to empower and support women in recognising the beauty within themselves. We achieve this by providing each woman with high-quality products that help them become the best version of themselves.